Who we are

Our mission is to …

Te whakapiki hauora, oranga hoki mo te hunga e pangia ana e te kaiponapona.

To improve the health and well being of people who are affected by arthritis.


Our Organisation

Arthritis New Zealand is the national voluntary organisation, which represents the interests of those with arthritis.

We are an incorporated society with charitable status. Yet we are run by people like you, and many know just what it is like to have arthritis.

Apart from some modest government funding, we rely on your support with our fundraising initiatives to maintain and develop a wide range of support services.

We have worked since 1966 to:

  • Provide a warm and friendly grass-roots contact point, which set up local support groups, seminars, clinics and other events.
  • Provide support to children and young people with arthritis.
  • Produce and distribute, throughout New Zealand, over 100 000 pamphlets each year on the main forms of arthritis, with information on management and treatment.
  • Bring you the latest research and information about arthritis and its management and treatment from both New Zealand and overseas.
  • Produce a quarterly members magazine, ‘Joint Support‘, with the latest information about arthritis, with heart-warming personal stories, medical research, news from abroad and our latest fundraising initiatives. It has a circulation of over 10,000.
  • Commission and fund medical research on Arthritis in New Zealand through anĀ annual grant programme.
  • Work closely with the government and appropriate Health and District agencies to obtain funding for specialist projects.
  • Develop fundraising programmes, including the voluntary donor scheme and the Annual Appeal, to ensure we can continue to provide services.
  • Provide education programmes to assist people to self-manage their conditions.
  • ServiceĀ three main regional areas, which have their own arthritis educators, to provide a skilled support service.


Governing Body


The Governing Body is the legal authority for the Organisation. Governing Body members are public trustees representing the interests of the Organisation’s members and volunteers and of the wider community, donors and supporters.


  • Alan Henwood (President)
  • Peter Larmer (Vice President)
  • Katherine Bracey
  • Martin Lenart
  • Lynne McMillan
  • Maureen Medley
  • John Pritchard
  • Lisa Stamp


The purpose of the Governing Body is governance focussing on the Organisation’s major issues of organisational purpose, direction and performance.


  • To provide strategic direction and leadership for the whole Organisation;
  • To ensure the Organisation is soundly managed;
  • To work in close partnership with the Chief Executive to ensure the Governing Body’s goals and objectives are achieved, supporting and resourcing the Chief Executive to carry out her responsibilities;
  • To appoint and terminate (if necessary) the employment of the Chief Executive, ensuring the Organisation employs the best person for the position and provides fair and appropriate terms and conditions of employment;
  • To develop and monitor policies, which provide direction and boundaries for both its own and the Chief Executive’s functions; and
  • To establish Governing Body Committees or working groups as it sees fit.

In addition Regional Representatives to the Governing Body have responsibilities to represent any concerns the Region may have to the Governing Body, to report on activities of the Region and to report back to the Regional Liaison Group on the actions and deliberations of the Governing Body.

Download 2013 Strategic Plan